Another fall break has come and gone, complete with the obligatory ‘lets-do-lunch’ texts to every person you ever knew in high school, the time with family and nearly-full week of ZERO classes.

That last part is probably my favorite.

But while I spent most of the time trying to just recharge my batteries, I also took a lot of time to think about the stuff coming up for my third year at Gannon.

During my last blog, I was talking about the musical here at school, and I found out I was casted! We start rehearsals tonight, and, currently, I’m in that strange place between nervous at what to expect and excited to have another new beginning. I’m hoping the latter prevails throughout the day.

But that show is in December. Then, there’s an acting festival I’ll be going to in January (again, it’s that nervous/excited battle going on in my head) which leaves me some time right now to focus on the current situations of school and work.

This situation probably sounds familiar to you if you’re in the process of looking at schools. When I applied to colleges, the time between fall break and Thanksgiving was “go-time” for applications and visits.

I’d encourage you to visit Gannon, and now is a perfect time. The leaves are still changing – which looks absolutely gorgeous. Right now, I’m staring out the window at the purple tree across the street. And if you do come up to Gannon, don’t be afraid to stop in and say hi! You can probably find me at the Schuster Theatre pretty much every single day from now until…oh – always? 🙂

But since this is crunch time, good luck with whatever you’re working on. Keep on pushing through even if it seems hard and all you want to do is see the snow fall and go play in it – trust me, I’m looking forward to that, too.

‘Til next time,