Last week, Edge staffers went backstage at Gannon’s Schuster Theatre to catch up with cast members of  “Dancing at Lughnasa.” They’re actors, but they’re also students. In addition to learning lines and blocking, they’ve got to study, too. So, we wanted to know:

“When you’re not rehearsing, where’s your favorite place to study?”

patrick-chounetPatrick Chounet, sophomore mathematics major:
I hate studying at places where it is really quiet and no one is around – like the library or my bedroom. I prefer studying places with some kind of noise, like my living room, Friendship Green, or a lobby. This way you get to accomplish your goal while seeing people!
kathleen-cahill Kathleen Cahill, junior theatre and communication arts major:
You can never beat the bay front, but my favorite place to study on campus is definitely my apartment balcony. If we’re talking about outside of our apartments, I love to sit in Friendship Green at one of the picnic tables and just study away. The outdoors is a very comfortable studying atmosphere…when it isn’t blustery or cold and rainy, that is!
alyssa-pelinsky Alyssa Pelinsky, senior theatre and communication arts major:
The third floor of the library on campus –  but when I am not there, I am at home, studying in my bed with a glass of iced tea at my nightstand.
jasse-camacho Jasse Camacho, freshman marketing major:
My favorite place to study on campus is the theater. Big shock! I know… but when the Schuster Theatre is nearly empty, there is complete silence. My thoughts are so clear. I know this may sound silly, but when I was studying for my history of the west and world midterm, I imagined the stage filled with scenes of Louis XIV thriving through absolute monarchy in the Palace of Versailles and of Protestant leaders like Calvin, Knox, and Luther spearheading the dawn of religious reformation against Roman Catholicism. Moreover, the theater – by its own nature – is a place where concentration, thoughts, and imagination prosper. Thus, it is the ideal place of study for me.
stephanie-martinez Stephanie Martinez, senior English education major:
The third floor of Nash Library and the Writing Center. Nash’s third floor is one of the untapped resources at Gannon. Most of the time it is quiet, and there is usually some pretty cool artwork displayed. It is peaceful, quiet and inspiring – the perfect atmosphere for writing papers. Studying at Gannon’s Writing Center probably makes me a huge nerd, but a lot of good writing happens there and it is always pretty quiet. There is also a wide variety of resource books just sitting on the shelves waiting to be referenced. And right outside the doors are two of the most comfy couches I’ve ever sat on in my life. They are perfect for studying…or sleeping.
jess-charlton Jess Charlton, junior theatre and communication arts major:
My favorite place to study is the third floor of the library when no one else is around because I can play music and pace back and forth when I study!
luis-pontillo Luis Pontillo, freshman theatre and communication arts major:
My two favorite places to hit the books are the Nash Library study rooms and the third floor. It is extremely quite up in the sky-line (that’s what I call it), and being in the art gallery, around all of the creativity, spurs my imagination in what I’m studying (odd, I know). The second place I would have to say is the theater. The theater is absolutely peaceful; something there just calms me. It’s a challenge to my imagination to make studying fun. I can’t study without imagining what I’m studying. Even in math, I imagine the numbers as quick-witted wise guys who tell me I’m doing things wrong. It’s quite comical actually; certainly makes the time go faster. Number nine is the funniest.

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