The Five Love Languages

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, lets talk about the five love languages! Everyone has their own love language, which is just how people prefer communicate with their significant others. 1. Words of Affirmation Words of affirmation express love using sincere words and explaining why you love someone. “I love you,” om an important phrase in […]

Edge Rewind: A Playlist for Every Occasion

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It’s a scientific fact that the music you listen to affects your mood. Some people choose to cope with emotions by listening to music. If you’re sad, you may choose to listen to happy music. If you’re angry, you may choose to listen to loud, crass music to help get out all your frustration. If […]

Valentine’s Day: A Few Things You May Have Missed

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With Valentine’s Day here, I thought I would discuss some cliche details that most people never bring up. The most important detail to mention is that chocolate is half-off the day after Valentine’s Day. I repeat:  CHOCOLATE IS HALF-OFF. Why more people do not advertise this or talk about it is astounding. Forget getting me […]


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Valentine’s Day. A day for love, laughter, little heart shaped chocolates, and elections. That’s right. This year on Gannon University’s campus Valentine’s day is a day to be celebrated by all students regardless of their relationship status. The Student Government Association (SGA) will be hosting their presidential elections through EngageU this holiday season. In honor […]

Playlist: Love

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To paraphrase a tweet by famous rapper Tyler, The Creator, “being in love is cool as heck.” To capture this sentiment and celebrate the holiday of Valentine’s Day, I’ve curated a playlist that expresses the idea of being in love. Give it a listen this February 14th for some warm and fuzzy feelings! “Peach” – […]

Gannon’s Gulf Coast Guide: Serving & Inspiring

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In the Occupational Therapy Doctorate program, we are required to complete a level I fieldwork relating to the area of occupational therapy currently being studied.  We have been placed at local and national organizations, giving us unique opportunities to reach out to the community around the Ruskin campus while supporting the Gannon University mission. In […]

Pre-Occupied: A comprehensive guide to Valentine’s Day

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I’ve loved Valentine’s Day ever since I first set my eyes on an oversized stuffed bear holding a flower. I like to spread the ooey-gooey lovey vibes by making my friends those cheesy homemade cards surrounded by the lace doilies every year. In high school, I even carried around a bag of candy to hand […]

RUNDOWN: love, pizza, luck and “Guardians of the Galaxy”

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Monday, February 9: It’s the week of looOOOOOoooove! Surprise your valentine by sending them a giant heart-shaped cookie. Active Minds will be selling these confectionary wonders for $5 at a table in Waldron. Orders are due Wednesday, Feb. 11. Tuesday, February 10: It’s the Pizza Competition. Stop by Yehl Ballroom from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and […]