When you’re just starting out in college, it’s normal to be a little uncertain where you’re headed career-wise. In fact, 80 percent of college-bound students have yet to pick a major, and half who do choose one end up switching at least once, according to MSNBC. For those who aren’t quite ready to commit, Gannon offers undeclared and undecided paths.

“Making a decision about a major without adequate knowledge of course content and career options can hinder the student’s process in the long run,” states Gannon’s own undergraduate catalog. During the first few semesters, undeclared students remain flexible while learning more about themselves and all available opportunities. They take care of prerequisites and dabble in a variety of courses.

Undecided majors are more concentrated. For example, a student who knows she wants to go into medicine but is torn between nursing and occupational therapy can select an undecided health sciences major. That way the student can get started on core classes without making a premature decision. Undecided majors are an option in other departments as well.

At Gannon, taking your time isn’t a bad thing. Professors, faculty and advisers are there to help you find your way.