After weeks of voting, the 2012 search for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave is down to the final round. Voting ends on Friday, April 13 at noon EST.

The two remaining places vying for the title are…

Sidewalk Cafe and Waldameer & Water World!

Sidewalk Cafe is a local eatery located on North Park Row, across from Perry Square.  Reminiscent of a small hometown diner, Sidewalk Cafe is famous for their seasonal pumpkin pancakes, as well as affordable breakfast and lunch fare.  Sidewalk Cafe accepts GU Gold, making it extremely convenient to Gannon students. If you’re missing mom’s home-cooked meals, Sidewalk Cafe gives you a taste of home, away from home.

Waldameer & Water World amusement park is perfect for a sunny afternoon. Located by Presque Isle, Waldameer features the Ravine Flyer II roller coaster, carnival games, kiddie rides, and a water park. Admission to the park is free for all. Patrons can pay per ride or purchase an all-day ride pass. From the Whacky Shack to Thunder River, Waldameer has a ride for everyone.



Jake Anastasia, Danielle Betz and Jake Slease contributed to this post.