Last Day in San Lucas :(

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Today we woke up and went off to breakfast before we heading off to our last construction sites for the week. We were split between the two construction sites that we were at the first day of construction work! Our group was tying wires, pouring cement, and moving rocks/gravel. We did not spend too much […]

From Sunrise to Sunset

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We started the day early at 4:30AM with a hike up the mountain to watch the sunrise with an elevation change of 1,000′. It was about a mile and a half up through the forest to the look point. We saw coffee beans growing in the wild all throughout our hike which was something we […]

Learning about San Lucas

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Today started off with a delicious breakfast to fuel us up for a long day of education. Our first visit was to a local Montessori school where we learned about the education they provide to 4-12 year olds. While we were learning about the school, we even got to see a typical school day in […]

Exploring Guatemala!

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We spent our first day in Guatemala exploring the towns around San Lucas and learning about the culture. We went to mass this morning; mass was in Spanish and the church was overflowing with people. After church, we had breakfast and headed to the boat. We visited Santiago first. In Santiago, we rode on a […]

We Have Arrived!

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Out morning started at 1:45am at Gannon University to then drive to the Cleveland Airport with the Merida, Mexico ABST. After a long wait to check in and go through security, our flight was delayed an hour after we boarded because the plane needed to be De-Iced just before takeoff from the snow that fell […]

Last day, best day!

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Welcome back to our Guatemala adventure! Today is day 6 of our ABST to San Lucas.  We started off our morning at 8am eating breakfast in the biblioteca. Afterwards, we traveled to our project site located in Pampojila. During our time, we carried gravel and cement mix up a hill to the house being built. […]