I’ve slowly been starting to search for the items I need to bring to my apartment for next semester and it has definitely been a reality check. A lot of the things are the same as last year, such as bed sheets and clothing. However, since I will have an apartment, I am going to need a lot of new stuff for cooking and my living space.

Actually owning cooking utensils is entirely new to me. Don’t get me wrong, I can cook, but having to go out and purchase utensils that will be mine is an odd feeling. I guess you know you’re growing up when you have to buy pots and pans.

As far as freshmen go, everything on this list is important to have. But if you’re like me and enjoy clean clothes (which I hope you do), then make sure that you don’t forget stuff to do your laundry. I’m starting to sound like my mother, which is frightening!

Also make sure you have all school related items like pens, pencils and, of course, your books. Going into the first days of classes can be a little daunting, so making sure you have everything ready can help ease your nerves. Checking over everything you’re taking to college before you head off is a good thing to do.

With this new semester coming, I’m excited to be able to use all my new things in my new apartment. Preparing for the semester is key, especially staying on top of what you need to get. But don’t worry, because all of my friends have helped me in one way or another. The friends that I’ve met while at Gannon have shared food and other items before. I’m sure that the friends you meet up here will be the same.

The people here at Gannon are amazing and if you need help in any way, they will be glad to help you out. We’re all college students and we understand how this all works, so don’t be afraid to ask!