For Gannon students, Fall Break gives you a chance to catch your breath mid-semester. Some students relax, some use the time to work, and some even hit the highway. Here are some of the ways to spend your Fall Break.

1. Hang out with your family. Seriously. They miss you a lot more than you think.

2. Go out to eat with some friends. Although the Beyer Hall cafeteria serves wonderful home-style meals, take advantage of being back home by trying all different types of restaurants … without having to spend your GU Gold money.

3. Catch up on sleep. Sleep in your own bed as much as possible; especially since there is no need to get up for classes!

4. Go on a fun trip with one of Gannon’s many clubs. There are many trips going on during fall break that anyone can attend, such as the Impact trip and the Appalachian Service Trip.

5. Give yourself some you time. Read a new book, go shopping, watch a movie, or even rekindle your artsy flame and paint a picture. Having some time to yourself without sharing your space with a roommate will feel very refreshing.

6. Attend a sporting event in your hometown. Take this opportunity to see your favorite local sports team live. You may not get to see another hometown game for a while.

7. Spend time outside! Take a walk, play some football, or even go on a hike. Enjoy your last big break before the first snowfall!

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