I’m halfway through my first semester as a psychology major and things are going really well. I’m getting all A’s and loving my classes, teachers and classmates. And at this point, most people are aware of my switch, so I’m no longer being asked, “Wait, aren’t you a biology major?” But that question’s been replaced with others – Are you taking the MCAT? Are you still pre-med? What are you going to do after college?

And the answer is I honestly don’t know! I’m able to see both sides of any issue, and with that comes the curse of indecisiveness because everything sounds appealing, including all of my post-graduation options. I know for certain I’ll be pursuing a higher degree, either medical or professional. Both have their advantages and requirements, so now I’m asking myself: Should I get a minor?

Most of Gannon’s majors are available as a minor. The requirements for a minor are typically introductory classes and then a few electives in the desired field. You can find a list of available minors and their requirements on Gannon’s website.

Because I was a biology major for two years, I already have the prerequisite classes for a biology minor out of the way. All I have to do now is take a few more electives. And because I would still graduate on time, there’s really no reason not to get one.

Getting a minor also opens up more opportunities for after graduation. It would certainly help in applying to medical school. Plus it would allow me to apply to a broader range of graduate programs, including those in neuropsychology and neuroscience.

Once the paperwork is filed and the switch is made, there are still lots of things to consider after switching a major. Post-graduation options, standardized tests, minors, internships, classes – all of these are things I’m still considering and will definitely be talking about more in the future.

Matt 🙂