Since Thanksgiving is just days away, we thought it would be fun to find out for what students are thankful. Here’s what a few Gannon students had to say:

Emma Mancini sophomore, biology/pre-med major:I am thankful for my friends and family because they give me support no matter what happens.

Patrick Chounet senior, mathematics major:I’m thankful for all the opportunities I have been given throughout my life, but even more so the support I have received from my family in doing all of the things that I love.
Natalie Pertz sophomore, theatre major:I am grateful for my support system. I am blessed to be surrounded by a loving group of family, friends and teachers that encourage me to never shortchange myself in working hard and encouraging me to follow my dreams.
Lauren Tatanus junior, pre-physical therapy major:I am thankful for my supportive family and friends and for my health.

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