Wednesday in Merida!

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After having gone to the cenotes on Tuesday, I wasn’t quite sure what would top such a cool day but Wednesday would bring more unique experiences and will be a day that stands out to me for the rest of my life. To begin the day we walked through the local markets that were very […]

Merida, Mexico Day 1

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Hi! My name is Elisabeth Gural and I am a junior Physician Assistant major! Today was the first day of our trip. We left the Gannon Arch around 1:30am. It was a super long travel day, but we finally got to Merida around 3:00 in the afternoon! We met with our partners at the Mission […]

Merida, Mexico Day 4

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Hello! My name is Mariella Dzubinski and I am a senior nursing major. On Tuesday, we traveled to the Santa Barbara Cenotes, which was about an hour and half from Merida. At this location, there were four different cenotes that we visited. Each individual cenote had clear blue water and were unique. We enjoyed swimming […]

Merida, Mexico Day 3

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Hi, I’m Jess and I’m a sophomore environmental engineering major. On Monday we went on a tour of the daycare, medical dispensary, mission office, and the after-school program for girls. We learned about the differences between practices in the United States and Mexico in child and health care. We also had the opportunity to eat […]

Arizona Day 4!

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Hi! I’m Julie, and I’m having a wonderful time with the rest of my group here in Tucson! Today, we left bright and early to spend the first part of our day with some preschool students at the Pio Decimo Center! After getting some quality playtime and helping the teachers with some tasks, we headed […]

Day 2: Beth-El Donation Organization!

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Hello everyone! I’m Kaif Syed, one of the participants on the Ruskin ABST. Our day started with some homemade breakfast, and then we headed to our second community partner for this trip – Beth El Farm Workers Ministry. Upon arrival, we were welcomed and signed in by Shelly, the administrative assistant and thrift store manager […]